Drinking water – our most valuable asset

The total amount of water on earth is constant, that means, it is limited and cannot be multiplied.  What can be reduced, however, is the amount of usable water.

Here are a few facts:

Only 3% of all water resources in the world are freshwater resources.  Of these, only 0.3 percent are accessible to humans.

Municipalities and private households consume 12% of this, 19% is used by industry and 69% by agriculture.

Because of the world population is growing steadily,  water consumption has been increasing worldwide by about one percent per year since the 1980s.

As a result, over three billion people already live in water-scarce countries.

What can I do?

According to research, each of us consumes 120 to 150 liters of water per day.

Here are a few tips for your everyday life to easily save valuable drinking water:

  • It is better to take a shower than to bathe: 140 litres of water are consumed in a full bath. In comparison, only about 15 liters per minute are needed for showering.  5 minutes of showering saves half of the water!
  • Saving water with a savings button on the toilet: a full flush consumes 7-8 liters of water 
  • Never let water run unnecessarily: when brushing your teeth, soaping your hands, always turn off the water
  • A fully loaded washing machine is better
  • Replace defective seals:  a leaking faucet wastes up to 17 liters of drinking water per day
  • Do not wash vegetables and fruits under running water, instead in a bowl
  • Efficient, water-saving household appliances do not necessarily have to be more expensive. So, the next time the washing machine break down, maybe pay attention to this criterion!
  • Turning on the full dishwasher is better than washing everything by hand
  • Water plants in the garden, terrace, balcony at the right time of the day: in the morning or in the evening, then the water does not evaporate immediately, preferably by means of a drip hose. The use of a rain barrel also saves valuable drinking water.

There is probably a good tip for everyone!

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