The 7oceans coin – for the love of the oceans

Behind 7oceans stands the association “7oceans – for the love of the oceans”, which campaigns for the problems of the 7 oceans. In order to be able to implement projects to save the oceans with other associations, 7oceans needs money.

The 7oceans coin has been issued for this purpose. This coin will be the means of payment for the NFTs in our photodatabase, but also for a variety of products that we would like to offer in our online shop.

Where can I buy the 7oceans coin?

You can easily buy the 7oceans coin on It is possible to pay by SEPA transfer, credit card or crypto. With just a few clicks you own your 7oceans coin without having to link a complicated wallet.

How much is the 7oceans coin worth?

The initial offer price is set at USD 0.77

There will be discounts following in the Pre-Sale. Each Pre-Sale round will last for one month. The start of Pre-Sale is june 8th, 2022, the official World Oceans Day.

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