The Save the Med project – For a clean and healthy Mediterranean Sea

With the proceeds of the NFTs, we also support the Save the Med Foundation. Their mission: to support the Mediterranean sea to restore its rich biodiversity and thrive in harmony with an environmentally conscious and proactive local population.

The natural beauty of the Balearic Islands attracts millions of visitors every year and is one of the most important tourist destinations in Europe. The local population also continues to grow. Although the Mediterranean is home to the most abundant marine life, the impact that growing demographics, increasing mass tourism and human-related activities such as overfishing and pollution have had on the local marine environment is severe and has put sensitive marine species and ecosystems at risk.

Save The Med is working on a conservation project that focuses on shark species that are threatened with extinction.

This long-term project, with a minimum duration of three years, aims to help the Balearic population to recover. The government, the population as well as the fishing sector have moved into the implementation of the project.

With your help, we don’t just protect individual sharks, it’s about protecting their habitat.

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