Today is Shark Awareness Day

This day is intended to raise awareness of the importance of sharks in our ecosystem.

Sharks are still considered man-eating beasts that mercilessly hunt harmless swimmers, divers and surfers in the sea. The statistical probability of being injured or killed in a traffic accident is significantly higher than being attacked or killed by a shark.

There are many interesting facts about sharks. A large great white shark, which scientists gave the name Nicole, covered a distance of around 20,000 km in a period of nine  months. The animal swam once through the entire ocean and back! 

More facts can be found in my blog post from july, the 12.

On july, 16 I will introduce you to the biggest problem of sharks – shark finning. An incredibly horrible way to capitalize on sharks.

We should all be aware of how important sharks are for all our lives on earth – because: If the shark dies – man also dies!

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