Our Roadmap – and what has already happened

The aim of the association 7oceans is to draw attention to the 7 biggest problems of the oceans and to promote solutions to these problems.

Therefore, an NFT photodatabase was created, which promotes marine conservation projects with the sale of NFTs .

The NFTs can be purchased using 7oceans coins, the 1. coin for marine conservation!

So far, we have implemented:

– Launch of the website

– Contact to well-known photographers worldwide

– Completion of the code for the farming of the 7oceans coins

– Structure of the ecosystem

– Cooperation with suitable projects

Now we need you to fill the photodatabase and make it known. So that we can support many projects to save our oceans (Link: https://www.nft.7-oceans.org).

Because: If the sea dies – man dies!

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