What is 7oceans anyway?

7oceans is a non-profit association initiated by Christian Redl, 11-time world record holder in freediving.

Through his work as an apnea diver, Chris has traveled all over the world and of course seen the most beautiful dive sites in the world. But over the years, the many threats to the oceans have also become more and more visible. He has made it his mission to fight against these dangers.

The 7 biggest problems of the oceans are:

1. Shark Finning – Severing the fins of the shark alive

2. Pollution of the oceans by plastic waste

3. Coral mortality due to climate change

4. Overfishing

5. Ghost nets

6. Deep-sea drilling

7. Corrosion of shipwrecks

Attracting attention is the most important thing!

As the initiator of the project, Christian Redl would like to be the voice for the 7 oceans. With the help of a documentary film series on streaming platforms such as Netflix, this topic is to be made accessible to a broad audience. The aim is to show the beauties of the seas as well as the problems and, above all, the solutions to these problems. In this way, the viewers learn about the importance of our oceans and can thus become supporters.

So that every one of you can contribute to saving the oceans, we have also launched an NFT photo database. Here everyone can donate photos on the subject of water/oceans/environmental protection – the beautiful as well as the negative sides. These photos are then converted into NFTs and sold by using 7oceans coins.  The photos can also be auctioned. The proceeds will be used to support projects to protect the oceans.

Our roadmap is as follows:

  • Structure of the photo database
  • Launch photo database and photo auctions 
  • Farming of coins
  • Trading for Charity 
  • DeFi Platform 
  • Documentary series for Netflix 
  • Charity Gala
  • Support for projects that are actively committed to saving the oceans

If you also want to contribute to saving the oceans now, donate your photos to https://nft.7-oceans.org .

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