The Project Reef Village – Creating new life!

With the proceeds of the NFTs we also support the association Reef Village. Its mission: to create new habitats to preserve the underwater world by building coral reefs in regions whose natural reef has been destroyed.

Coral reefs provide habitat for many organisms, fish, mollusks, shellfish, etc. and also serve as a birthplace and “nursery” for many sea creatures. A total of about 1 million species live in this ecosystem, which are in great danger due to coral extinction.

In 2018, the Reef Village team – founded by underwater photographer and lighting designer Martin Aigner – was able to build an artificial coral reef in the Philippines, where El Nino has destroyed large parts of the underwater landscape. A large block of individual coral baskets of 3 x 4 meters each was built, which offers the corals and their inhabitants a new home.

The next planned project of Reef Village, which we want to implement with your support, is located on the Indonesian island of Bali.

“Together we are a big swarm” – Together we can make a difference!

More information about Reef Village:

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