World Oceans Day..

.. and we launch our NFT photo database for the protection of the oceans!

Today we held our press conference for the launch of our NFT photo database on water/oceans/environmental protection in the Haus des Meeres. The proceeds from the photos benefit projects that are committed to the protection and preservation of the oceans. Initiator of 7oceans, Christian Redl presented the project together with Martin Aigner, international underwater photographer and initiator of Reef Village. 

Because: Every second breath comes from the sea! This means that half of the oxygen we humans breathe, no matter where on Earth, is produced by our oceans. 

How can this work?

With the help of donated photos in an NFT photo database. In the database you will find photos of excellent international photographers, but also photos of hobby photographers who are concerned about the preservation of the world’s oceans. With the sale of the photos, projects for the preservation of the oceans are supported.

What’s new about it?

Donated photos are converted into NFTs and can be purchased or auctioned off by users in the database using 7oceans coins.

This is the first coin for marine conservation worldwide!

The photo database thus connects the financial world with environmental protection, because with every donated, purchased or auctioned photo, the user contributes to saving the oceans!  The proceeds of the sold and auctioned photos go to the association 7oceans, which thus promotes well-known projects for the protection and preservation of the oceans, such as the Reef Village project. Martin Aigner explained: “The Reef Village  project will create new habitats for the conservation of the underwater world by establishing coral reefs in regions whose natural reef has been destroyed. The next planned reef will be built in Bali.”

What to do with good holiday photos on the subject of water/oceans/environmental protection?

To support the project, everyone can contribute a small part to saving the world’s oceans with good holiday photos on the subject of water/oceans/environmental protection! It’s easy:  upload and donate  photos on

And the best thing about it: among all donated photos, every month the photo with the most likes wins a freediving course with Christian Redl.

Puppi was also there!

Not only the urgently needed attention to save their natural habitat brought Puppi, the sea turtle from the Haus des Meeres, to take a round with Christian Redl in the water basin at the end of the presentation. She also liked the 1st 7oceans coin in Christian’s hand!

Everyone can play a part in preserving the oceans. Only together we can make a difference. From the community – for the community – for EVERYONE!

Because: If the sea dies – man dies!

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